Hemp oil for animals

Hemp Oil is very effective; and an added advantage is that it is 100% natural. Use it, and your pets would sure in for a health treat!

Surprisingly, hemp oil is quite healthy for your pet animals to consume. It refreshes their skin and takes care of their joints. In fact, certain dog breeders in Alaska usually add omega oils to their dogs’ food, opining that it gives them energy, increases the efficiency of the circulatory system, prevents the accumulation of undesirable and saturated lipids in the blood, reduces the time duration usually required to recover fully from strenuous exercise, and helps get wounded paws back into good shape.

Hemp seed Oil invented to enhance your pet’s health and also keep them in good condition. It is known to possess substances that effect very many health benefits, ranging from stress relief and lifespan elongation, to relief of pain and anxiousness. It sure improves the wellbeing of your animal, and it can also be used for both Cats and Dogs.

In the United States of America several high-profile animal doctors and specialists have endorsed the end product as being safe and also more effective in improving the health of both Cats and Dogs, compared to other animal food supplements. Having studied the experience of using hemp oil to treat a number of serious diseases in humans, the founder of the veterinary clinic DELTA Rescue Leo Grillo actively uses the oil from hemp seeds to treat the most severe forms of diseases of individual pets in California.

"After a comprehensive analysis of the use of oil from the seeds of hemp in medical practice, we started to use it for the most complex cases, the treatment of our four-legged patients with cancer," says chief veterinarian clinic Gaylord Brown. "Within a few weeks after the start of the use of hemp oil was clearly visible improvement of most animals. Especially impressive results obtained in the study of liver enzyme test pets. There was a significant improvement of the skin and the coat of mammals, lost in the course of chemotherapy. "

For animals that are over-aggressive or under-aggressive, Hemp Seed Oil also comes in handy. It also helps against certain behavioral anomalies, phobias, tooth disorders, and other issues that cause discomfort to pet animals.

It has been proven to have no contra-indications! It synchronizes with the nervous system of your animals, making them healthier; and also with the nervous system of your pets, making them calmer and livelier. Research carried out on Hemp Oil reveals that it possesses anti-inflammatory attributes. It also has been found to be useful in the induction and repression of appetite, as well as in relieving pain. It also helps alleviate trauma and certain mental and nervous disturbances. Generally, it is great for all pets; especially those experiencing some form of disease in their immune system, bone diseases, complication in digestion, tumors, jerks, behavior disorders, and also those suffering from certain allergic reactions.

Cannabis (Hemp) Oil:

  • Hemp Seed Oil supports the animal’s immune system
  • Hemp Seed Oil prevents excessive shedding of the skin
  • Hemp Seed Oil may soothe discomfort in the joints, due to exercise and activities
  • Hemp Seed Oil annihilates cancerous cells
  • Hemp Seed Oil maintains a healthy Gastro-Intestinal tract
  • Hemp Seed Oil aids the distribution of blood, particularly to the brain
  • Hemp Seed Oil upholds the optimal functioning of the nervous system
  • Hemp Seed Oil keeps your animals calm and lively
  • Hemp Seed Oil helps increase the density of the fur

Hemp Seed Oil, till date, has no proven side effects; not even neurological interferences. Thus, it is perfectly safe for dogs.

Hemp plant is the source of Hemp Oil. Plants in the genus of Cannabis all have the capacity to produce hemp oil; however, commercial hemp, which is free from the psycho-active components of other cannabis plants, is used bred and used just for the production of Hemp Oil.

The hemp seed contains 80 to 90% unsaturated fatty acids, and about 9 to 11% of the unwanted, saturated FAs. The unsaturated fatty acids are used in the production of Hemp Seed oil for dogs. These same fatty acids, which are vital for the animal’s health, are needed in the animals feed in much larger amounts than even vitamins; more because the dogs do not have the capacity to manufacture them De novo. Thus, one must necessarily find a way to supply the dogs with the necessary fatty acids through external feed and carefully prepared, supplemented diets.

It cannot be over-emphasized: essential fatty acids are extremely important to the health and wellbeing of the animal; and Hemp Seed Oil for dogs provides a perfect option to enrich the life of your pet.

Normally, dogs in North America usually need more of these fatty acids and Omega oils. This is because more animal fats are contained in dog foods than plant fats. Even the flax seed oil and fish oil do not fare better than the Hemp Seed oil, when it comes to improving the overall health of the animal. Some other components apart from the essential fatty acids are contained in the Hemp Oil. They include; polyunsaturated fatty acids like the Oleic acid, Stearidonic acid and Gamma Linolenic acid. It also contains other fatty acids that specifically improve the health of the animal’s skin. Being a 100% natural product, it nourishes the skin of the dog, as well as hinders the occurrence of skin problems like acne, eczema, etc. In fact, Hemp Seed Oil is the principal component of several oil products for dogs.

Hemp Oil also presents several benefits to the dog’s fur. It increases the fur density, and prevents loss of fur. It also hinders excess shedding of the skin, and keeps skin infections at bay. Also, it aids blood circulation to all parts of the head and brain.

The Use of Hemp Oil in Pet Care

Usually, pet owners try to take good care of their pets. Natural supplements have been found to be most effective at maintaining the health of the animals. Researchers also discovered that polyunsaturated fatty acids- like the ones found in Hemp Oil, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6- are very advantageous to pet health. Well, they are also present in other cannabis plants: but commercial hemp plants are unique as they have just the right concentration necessary, without the other psychoactive compounds present in other cannabis plants.

Asides the essential fatty acids and other vitamins that are contained in Hemp Oil, it has also been found to contain fibers and certain enzymes that facilitate the proper digestion of their food.

Interestingly, researchers have shown that over 30 percent of all pets are susceptible to developing arthritis. This discovery was based on information gathered from several veterinary homes, clinics and experts. Arthritis is largely due to a degradation of the joints of the animals, and the pain concomitant with this disease is usually very terrible.

In the late twentieth century, Dr. Atkins, a revolutionary expert, started experimental work to ascertain the positive action of cannabis in the alleviation of Arthritis. He eventually disclosed the details of his studies, and showed that Omega-6 and Omega-3 could inhibit the expression of the symptoms of Arthritis, while the unsaturated fatty acids antagonized the inflammations. He also proved that saturated fatty acids had the opposite effect of the unsaturated, thus giving a valid reason to have them eliminated from the diet.

Diets and feeds enriched with Hemp Seed Oil have a way of decreasing the susceptibility to inflammation. So asides the unsaturated fatty acids, the omega fats contained in Hemp Seed Oil also enhance the health of the animal.

Hemp Oil is useful in:

  • Fighting Hyperlipidemia
  • Treating and managing renal failure
  • Alleviating certain heart conditions like Coronary Heart Diseases
  • Preventing and Repressing Atherosclerosis
  • Decreasing symptoms of Respiratory and Skin disorders
  • Alleviating the symptoms expressed by hypertension

An effective dosage to be used in supplementing the diet has been developed by experts at the Cornell University College of veterinary medicine. It follows thus;

Advised Dosage:

  1. 1ml for      10 kg weight
  2. 1.5ml for    20 kg wt
  3. 2ml for      30 kg wt
  4. 2.5ml for   40 kg wt
  5. 3ml for      50 kg wt
  6. 3.5ml for    60 kg wt
  7. 4ml for     70 kg wt
  8. 4.5ml for   80 kg wt
  9. 5ml for      90 kg wt

Other functions of Hemp Seed Oil are:

  • It enhances the body’s musculoskeletal system
  • Upholds an optimum weight, even at a decreased frequency of activity
  • Boosts energy
  • Enhances the condition of the animal’s skin
  • Supports the digestive system
  • Beautifies the animal’s fur. Beautified, shiny fur is a direct indication of the positive health status of the dog.