What we do

Absolute Nature is a young and successful company, which acquaints consumer with unique Czech natural, natural and organic cosmetics of the highest European quality standards.  We import brands, highly regarded and won the love and acceptance of the European consumer.

Unlike large and impersonal retailers that carry everything, we focus mostly on Hemp Oil products. We know these products inside and out, and want to help you make the best decision possible regarding Hemp Oil for you and your family. All the products listed on our shop are have NOT BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS and are FREE FROM UNECESSARY CHEMICALS.

We know there is a lot of confusing (and conflicting) information out there in regards to Hemp (Cannabis) Oil. The first thing most people think of when someone says «hemp» is marijuana, something forbidden and harmful. They are not.

For those who are still a little afraid of the word «hemp», we would like to emphasize that hemp oil, which is produced from the seeds of hemp, does not contain cannabinoids - THC. (tetrahydrocannabinol), that affects the psyche.  You will not get drug intoxication by using our products.

Our goal is simple, to sift through the clutter and bring you the most accurate and helpful information possible.

We’ve also ensured that our product pages are as detailed and comprehensive as possible. On each page, you’ll find full product specifications, high-quality images and reviews from satisfied customers. We also have pages that contain rich information you’ll benefit from. These are all geared towards ensuring you make the best decision possible regarding hemp oil and your health.