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INGREDIENTS: Hemp Oil, Allantoin, Green tea

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: After shave balm contains Hemp, Allantoin and green tea which is good for a sensitive skin and gives a pleasant feeling after shaving.

EFFECT ON THE BODY: The product contained hemp oil, which has excellent regenerative effects on the skin. After shave balm for men’s has improved the content of Allantoin and green tea and composition corresponds to the specific requirements of men's skin.

Allantoin can be applied to scrapes, burns and cuts as a way to soothe and protect the area. It also appears to speed up wound healing by stimulating new skin cell growth. Allantoin not only reduces skin irritation, it also moisturizers and improves the texture of skin, dissolve the material that holds skin cells together. This enables the outermost layer of skin cells to shed or slough off more easily, creating a smoother skin surface.

DIRECTIONS: After shave balm is used after depilation and epilation of the entire body, the face and sensitive areas. It has a balanced complex of active substances which relaxes irritated skin, reduces reddening and formation of small pimples. After shaving and rinsing with lukewarm water, the skin is massaged with the balm.

STORAGE:  Keep in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C (59-77° F).

SHELF LIFE: 3 years. The date of manufacture is listed on a package.

CAUTION:  For external use only. 

PACKAGING:  200 ml 

MANUFACTURED: In the Czech Republic.


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