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Good hair health happens with good shampoo. If you want your hair to shine, feel silky smooth, and to remain manageable, you want to make sure that you have a good shampoo on your side.

INGREDIENTS: Hemp oil, Hops Ordinary, Calendula Officinalis , Stinging Nettle, Betula Pendula, Chamomila, D- panthenol .

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Herbavera Hemp Oil Shampoo can give you the change that you want. Using cannabis (hemp) oil, this shampoo makes a noticeable difference in the appearance of your hair and its health. Hemp has the ability to repair dry hair, stop dandruff, and keep your hair growing healthily. This is because it aids in the health of the hair and the scalp. It is good all-around for your physical health. Whether you have a dry or sensitive skin, this shampoo can give you the help you need.

EFFECT ON THE BODY: Hemp oil products are exceptionally effective when it comes to healing dryness and damage. If you have any skin sensitivities that make most shampoos nearly unusable, you can still use this. It is not just about the cannabis oil in this shampoo. Hair hemp shampoo is so effective because it works alongside essential oils. They complement each other, giving you hair that others will want to compliment. Hemp and essential oils together make a powerful difference in your hair. It is like putting your hair through a natural therapy. It is healing using only natural ingredients, and the results are astounding. Previous damage goes away, your hair has volume and moisture to it, and there is shine and smoothness. You can see these results even if you have certain skin sensitivities, like eczema. All people can enjoy healthier, more beautiful hair when hemp and essential oils come together.

When using Herbavera Hemp Oil Shampoo, you can expect the following effects:

  • Moisture added to both hair and scalp.
  • Health improved at the root of the hair.
  • Lowered risk of hair loss.
  • Smoother, shinier hair.
  • More manageable; fewer issues with frizz and similar concerns.
  • Keeps the skin looking and feeling young.
  • Aids in growth.
  • Lowers the risk of breakage.

Hemp has an undeniable effect on the body. All of this is looking at the hemp alone. It has the power to heal, calm, and improve hair at the root and scalp. The scalp and hair are working at their best. Without dead skin all over the scalp, moisture loss, dandruff, and dryness, your hair is in its top form. Along with helping the hair to maintain the look and health you expect, it assists in healing and managing certain sensitivities. As mentioned above, you can use it when dealing with skin sensitivities. It works even when most products cause irritation. Hair hemp shampoo has the added benefit of being a natural treatment option so that your sensitivities are not as difficult as they were.

RECOMMENDED:  Dry hair, dry or sensitive skin, seborrhoea, dandruff.

DIRECTIONS:  When hair is wet, begin to apply it as you normally would with shampoo. Massage the scalp to give your hair and scalp the therapeutic treatment. Continue to do this for a few minutes, or until you feel your hair has achieved the shine and smoothness that you want. Afterwards, rinse the shampoo out completely.

For better results use this shampoo in combination with Herbavera conditioner. Just make sure that this is something that you do regularly. The road to good hair health requires good habits. Making a habit out of this is a necessity to see positive results.

STORAGE: Keep in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C (59-77° F).

SHELF LIFE: 3 years. The date of manufacture is listed on a package.

CAUTION: For external use only. 

PACKAGING: 550 ml (18.5 Oz)

MANUFACTURED: In the Czech Republic.

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